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To learn more about each club, simply click on their name to expand information. Please note that current locations on the Google Map to the left are approximate. You should speak to a WVMLA officer or club contact if you have questions about range addresses.

Appalachian Rangers - Clarksburg, WV
The club shoots are the second Sunday of each month, February through October. You do not have to be a club member to participate in the club shoots.


President Ron Shuster II (304) 624.8891 or
Range Officer Jeff Mills
(304) 672.2104
Barbour County 36'ers - Philippi, WV
Club shoots are the 4th Sunday of each month at 10:00 am. All Shoot are 36'ers traditioinal prize shoots, everyone welcome. Shoots start at 10:00 am and end at approximately 3:00 pm.


President Ron McLean (304) 457.2119
Vice President Lenny Lewis (304) 472.8744
Secretary Chris Runion (304) 457.4663
Treasurer Mary Alice McLean (304) 457.2119
Cat's Creek Gun Club
Cat's Creek Road, Lowell, OH 45744

President Micky Stengel 2740 Laurel Ridge Rd., Lowell, OH 45744 (740) 896-3847
Treasurer Craig Barker P.O. Box 272, Lowell, OH 45744 (740) 869-3239
Hardy County Gun & Rod Club - Moorefield, WV
The Hardy County Rod & Gun Club was established in 1944 and is an affiliate club member the National Rifle Association. The Hardy County Rod & Gun Club is located off South Fork Route just south of the City of Moorefield, WV. South Fork Rt. branches Rt. 55 (Winchester Ave.) in Moorefield just 3 blocks from Main St. and Winchester Ave. intersection traffic light.

No inline rifle Flintlock and percussion cap rifles with open sites only will be allowed. All shooting will be done off hand. All matches are elimination matches, which means the shooter must hit the target to stay in that match. Three Aggregative trophies or prizes First, Second and Third to the top three shooters of the day. Frozen turkeys may also be given to the top shooter of each elimination match depending on the availability at the time of matches.

President Richard Keplinger (304) 434. 3074
John Seeders (304) 538.2409
Jim Allen (304 897-5691
Range Officer Roy Ratliff
Kate Carpenter Muzzleloaders - Smoot, WV
Club shoots third Saturday of every month January through September. Shooting starts about 9:00 AM


Willie Perkins 132 Gray Gables Rd., Crawley, WV 24931
President Mike Chapman (304) 872.1357
Vice President David Gutshall (304) 438.6787
Secretary Treasurer Willie Perkins (304) 392.5955
Killbuck Riflemen - For Seybert
Treasurer Shirley Snyder 304-249-5663 1919 Broad Run Road Brandywine, WV 26802
President Jim Kile
(304) 358.7744
Vice Presiden Dave Snyder (304) 249.5663
Secretary Barb Plum (304) 289.5080 or Push Root Rd, Burlington, WV
Ranger Officer Bob Curns (540) 852.3564 or Rt. 1 Box 183, Bergton, VA 22811
Mountaineer Flintlocks - St. Albans, WV
Kanawha Valley
Chartered with the NMLRA since 1962

Membership: Open to anyone ($35.00 per year). Application must be signed by an active member of the club who serves as a sponsor. Sonsor must take responsibility for the new member.

Monthly Shoots: Monthly matches are primarily for members only, but visitors are always welcome to visit and shoot. Mystery shoot is held every regular shoot with a prize for first place. Monthly matches are divided into 5 classes-percussion, flint and pistol. Black powder only.

President Bob Walden
Vice President Dave Walker
Treasurer Pat Hanna
Coresponding Secretary Perry Casto
Recording Secretary Gene Hyre
(304) 727.6194, or 843 Hughes Drive, St Albans, WV 25177
Ohio Valley Mountain Men - Moundsville, WV
We would like to invite you to our trail shoots at our Big Pine Riange. Shoots start at 10:00 AM. For further information contact any of our officers.


Secretary John Sberna (304) 845.1924 or Rt. 5 Box 304, Moundsville, WV
President Tom Rogers
(304) 845.8248 or RR. 5 Box 71, Moundville, WV 26041
Range Officer Scott Gordon (304) 242.2078 or R.D. 1 Box 131, Wheeling, WV
Bush way Dennis Holt (304) 686.2773 Rd. 5 Box 277, Cameron, WV 26033
Potomac Valley Muzzloaders - Maysville, WV
Regular club shoots are the first Sunday of every month. Shoots start at 1:00 pm. Everyone is welcome. Matches include men, women, junior, pistol and re-entry. Membership dues are $10 single and $15 family.


Rany Raines (304) 538.6043 or P.O. Box 20, Old Fields, WV 26845
President Dave Lambert
(304) 749.7630
Vice President Robert Grapes
Secretary Goldie Helmick
Treasurer Evelyn Grapes

Rodney Warner
(304) 289.5188
Racy Muzzloaders - Racy, WV
Concession and camping available. Please bring your own water.


President Gale Putman (304) 628.3517
Vice President Gary Cotrill (304) 659.2636
Range Officer Char Puttman (304) 628.3517
Range Officer Kevin Arbogast (304) 422.6767
Secretary / Treasurer Amy Frank (740) 949.7808 or 32720 Bashen Rd, Racine, OH 45771
Round Bottom Muzzloaders - Prichard, WV
Prichard, WV


Shelby Hazlett (304) 429.3691
/ (304) 633. 2058 or 3237 Elymale Branch Rd., Huntington, WV 25704
John Sherna (304)845-1924 Route 5 Box 304, Moundsville, WV
Tygart Valley Muzzleloaders - Elkins, WV
Membership dues are $20 single or $25 family with $5 initiation fee. Club meetings are held last Thursday of the month at the IWLA Lodge of Files Creek. Meetings starts at 7:30 PM. The club range is located on the Izaak Walton League property five miles from Beverly on Files Creek Road. The range is open only to TVMLA and IWLA members only. The range is closed on Wednesday and is also closed during firearms deer seasons.

All are welcome to participate in special shoots. Non-club members are welcome to shoot in club matches, but will not be eligible for trophies. members may not bring guest to the range due to insurance regulations.

Jim Cost (304) 636.3202

WV Ridgerunners - Morgantown, WV
Club shoots at the Mason Dixon Gun Club on the Tyron Road at Morgantown.


Stan Reed (304) 265.4146
Marvin Wotring (304) 291.0803

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